Are you throwing the party of a lifetime? Capture it forever with our professional photography services. We have a pool of talented photographers who use only the finest equipment, from ultra high-definition cameras and aerial drones to rich artificial lighting.


The results speak for themselves: images of family, friends and colleagues taken with stunning clarity, color and quality. We don’t just take photos—we preserve memories.


The Make It Last advantage also means our services are personalized to match your unique style and taste, so whether it’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, company socials, Christmas parties or Mitzvahs, we offer different packages based on your individual needs and budget.


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The energy and excitement couples feel on their wedding day can make it pass by in a blur. The job of our photographers is to catch all those moments you missed or were too overjoyed to notice.


With the latest high-definition cameras and lighting equipment, every image we take is alive with color and emotion, revealing the laughter of friends and family, the energetic bursts of movement on the dance floor, and those special moments of intimacy between the happy newlyweds.


From that first kiss to that last dance, even if you forget we’ll help you remember.


So, just how do we make your special day extraordinary? By giving couples everything they could want, starting with an expert photographer who shows up early and tastefully chronicles the bride and groom getting prepared. Then, over the course of 6 to 8 hours we capture your wedding ceremony and reception in stunning detail, making sure to record every precious, unforgettable moment.


Photo collections are presented on a USB stick and can also be viewed online, giving you convenient access to your most cherished memories.


In addition to our regular package, our premium option comes loaded with extras. First, instead of one event photographer we send two, allowing us to capture your wedding with even greater depth and detail. Perfect for larger parties, having two sets of eyes and cameras means every unique moment is thoroughly documented.


We also provide cocktail hour photography. While couples prepare for their reception, Make It Last keeps the party going with portrait shots. Our continuous light set-up is an ideal way to snatch a picture of every guest, drinking, laughing and having a great time.


During this time guests can also use our photobooth. Packed with fun and zany props such as hats, wigs, glasses and tiaras, our photobooths bring out the clown in everyone!


Another exclusive of our premium package is next-day photography. A brilliant photographer joins the happy newlyweds at an exotic location of their choice to perform an artistic shoot. Whether it’s on a sandy beach or by a peaceful meadow, under sunny skies or shady trees, every image we take reveals the love, passion and sheer joy couples feel in their hearts.


Plus they’re affordable. While next-day photo sessions can cost upwards of $1500, we include it in our premium bundle at no extra charge!


Drama, romance, humor and devotion—what better way to commemorate your new life together than with an exotic photoshoot?


For a taste of the exotic, be sure to visit our gallery.


  • Ceremony + Reception Photography
  • Photos of the  Groom and the Bride Getting Ready
  • X
  • One Photographer Up to 8 hours
  • 150 Pictures
  • Delivered on a USB Stick 
  • Online Gallery
  • 150 Guests Maximum
  • X
  • X


  • Ceremony + Reception Photography
  • Photos of the Groom and the Bride Getting Ready
  • Cocktail Hour Photography of the Guests
  • 2 Photographers for 6-8 hours + Next Day
  • 250 Pictures
  • Delivered on a USB Stick 
  • Online Gallery
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Next Day Exotic Location Shoot
  • Drone Photography


Make It Last Events offers an incredibly personalized package for all your wedding photography needs. We have the talent, technology and professionalism to not only make your wedding day memorable, but simply unforgettable.



Just because life’s greatest moments pass by so quickly doesn’t mean they’re lost forever.


Now you can hold onto them permanently with our photography services. We cater to all special events and milestones, from birthdays, anniversaries and sweet sixteens to religious or cultural celebrations such as Mitzvahs and Quinceañeras.


Whatever the occasion, we can handle it.


Our professional photographer dedicates a full 3 hours to your special day. Besides using the latest camera and lighting equipment, our event photographer moves around and interacts with the crowd, resulting in more natural, authentic imagery of friends and family having fun.


After the party every client receives 100+ images taken in ultra high-definition quality, access to our online gallery, and ready-to-print photos delivered via cloud. Make those moments last forever.


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Launching a new product or celebrating the end of a successful year with a party? We understand the importance of both PR and a job well done, so whether it’s a promotion, retirement, trade show, grand opening, holiday, or year-end award show, Make It Last has the business sense and professionalism to commemorate your special event with elegance and style.


Our gifted photographer combines a friendly attitude and tactful camerawork, capturing every detail worth remembering over the course of 3 hours.


Social or professional, fun or formal—Make It Last has the best photographer for your needs. To see our qualifications firsthand, be sure to browse our gallery. And don’t forget to request your free quote by clicking the button below.


Children grow up fast. Why not keep those precious years alive while you still can?


Make It Last Events specializes in photographing educational milestones, including prom, graduation, home-coming, athletic competitions, sporting victories, and college marketing.


We’re experts at taking sophisticated graduation portraits, gorgeous prom photos, and thrilling shots of sporting events. Here are some beautiful moments we’ve frozen in time for parents such as yourself.


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