You’ve probably heard about Pinterest. And, you’ve probably heard about Etsy. But, did you know… Amazon now has a new department called “Handmade” ?  They’re not paying me to tell you about it (but if they want to, I’m okay with that), I just thought brides should know about this cute corner of the interwebs. The best part… if you have an Amazon Prime account, FREE SHIPPING.  yep.  Some exclusions apply, but I’m all about free. 1.  If you go to Amazon and look at the top-left corner, there’s a drop down menu called “Shop by Department”.  Go there. 2.  At the bottom of the list, hover over “Handmade” & select “Stationery & Party Supplies” from the sublist that appears. 3.  Then in the left side bar, under “Occasion”, click on “Wedding”.  Ta-da! In the Handmade>Wedding section, there’s tons of handmade decor, stationery, signs, ribbon wands, thank you notes, stickers, table centerpiece decor, banners, you name it.

Here are 5 things I found on Amazon Homemade today.

1.  A Unique Take on Guest Sign In – $189

This was the priciest item I included, so I thought I’d show it to you first.  Thing is though- it includes EVERYTHING: the frame, the stand, the personalized center chip with the couple’s initials, the basket & wood chips for your guests to sign, the marker holder that is also personalized and 2 sharpies wrapped in jute.  A very shabby chic guest sign in experience.

2. Pillow Cases – $17

I just like these.  It rhymes, they’re white and fluffy, and <3. #truth

Screenshot 2015-12-25 06.06.56

3. Sweetheart Table Sign – $25

A cute sign for the couple’s table.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 06.07.08

4.  Our Love Story Sign – $12

Your guests probably don’t know the relationship details and this is the cutest way to tell them about it.  Just send in some of your relationship “firsts” and timeline and get a personalized sign to share the scoop with guests at your wedding.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 06.07.24

5. Banner – $28

There are hundreds to choose from in a variety of price ranges, “Best Day Ever”, “Just Hitched”, “Bride to Be”, “Just Married”, “Save the Date”, etc.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 06.07.40

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