Choose from any of the popular layouts below or create something totally unique. The choice is yours!

Classic Photo Strips

These classic photo strips always print in pairs of two. Layouts 1 and 2 below are 2 by 6 inches. Layout 1 has more room at the bottom for your event name, message, and even a company logo, while Layout 2 has space for an extra photo.

Horizontal Print Layout (4 x 6″)

These layouts are all 4×6 inches. They print as single photos, but you have the option of printing doubles. Dark gray boxes show the placement of pictures, while white areas are for personalized details such as event names, messages, graphics or company logos.

Vertical Print Layout (6×4″)

These vertical prints are a standard 6×4 inches. They print as single photos but you have the option of printing doubles.

We’ll Help You Find The Perfect Print Layout

Can’t decide between layouts? We can lend our expert advice and create personalized photo prints based on your input. According to the occasion, theme, and your choice of text and graphics, our talented artists will prepare a design tailored to your unique tastes. And if you’re still not completely satisfied, we’ll make all the necessary adjustments till everything is perfect. Make It Last Photo Booth delivers themed packages that combine quality with affordability. Check out actual samples of our work below; just click on an image and discover what we can do for you. And if you find a layout you adore, just let us know and we’ll customize it specially for your event!

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