Relive the moment with our stunning video services.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but great cinematography is priceless. Make It Last provides outstanding video services for a number of public and private events, from birthdays and weddings to concerts and company socials.


Everything is filmed in 4K ultra high-definition quality using the latest audio standards, so you can relive the moment as if it were happening for the first time. Our team consists of seasoned professionals, all with years of experience catering to diverse clients and occasions.


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Our cinematography services are highly flexible and can be customized to your unique vision and budget. Pick what you want; pass on what you don’t. The choice is yours!


Capture your wedding day in true cinematic quality, with Hollywood-style visuals, music-industry audio, and our own unmatched artistry.


Using the latest film and lighting equipment, each shot is planned in advance, giving your video the look and feel of a cinematic masterpiece.


Vibrant visuals, richly detailed audio, and full-scale production values—Make It Last turns your wedding day into a Hollywood romance worthy of the silver screen.


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Make It Last offers plenty of extras for an even richer visual experience. These include elegantly filming the bride and groom preparing for the wedding, interviews with friends and family for a more personal touch, and an engaging concept video.


Unlike highlight reels, concept videos are more cinematic and ambitious in scope, presenting a compelling story and characters. In essence, our concept videos are romance movies starring the happy couple.


While wedding chapels and reception halls are gorgeous, it’s hard to eclipse the beauty of nature. Our optional next-day shoot follows newlyweds to an exotic location of their choice, capturing warm embraces, loving kisses, and the inexpressible intimacy of their feelings by sea or meadow.


Show the world the love you share. Surround yourself in nature and add both romance and production value to your video.


  • Videography at the Ceremony and Reception
  • 3-6 Minutes Wedding Video with Music
  • 1 Cinematographer



Any moment worth remembering is worth recording. Make it Last’s video services are meant for all special occasions, from birthdays, anniversaries and sweet sixteens to Cinco de Mayo, Quinceañeras and Bar Mitzvahs.


Personal, religious or cultural, we cater to all events.


Our professional videographers work in both natural and artificial light, using the latest equipment to film your celebration in 4K ultra high-definition quality—the way it was meant to be seen. We also combine technology with artistry, creating beautiful and organic footage through subtle camerawork.


Make It Last also offers a straightforward pricing plan. Not only is this simpler, but clients save money by getting exactly what they paid for.


  • Adding studio-quality sound to your video through strategically placed microphones
  • Capturing spectacular aerial footage with flying drones
  • Personalizing video content through heartfelt family interviews (perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Quinceañeras and Mitzvahs)


So why settle for bloated packages and pointless frills when you can make the most of your dollar? Contact us now and we’ll help you create a custom package based on your goals and budget.


Product launches, award shows, holiday parties, and retirement dinners—your business has countless occasions worth celebrating. From increasing your public profile to honoring your employees, Make It Last knows how to capture your big event with nuance and style.


We start with the right team for the job. Our talented videographers are friendly yet professional, using the latest 4K camera technology to record everything with a tactful eye.


So whether your event is casual or formal, rely on our experience for your all business-related festivities. Don’t forget to request your free quote by clicking the link below.


There are certain can’t-miss moments in your child’s life: prom, graduation, home-coming, athletic competitions, and college.


But it’s not enough to capture these achievements on a smartphone. They’re simply lacking in quality, with dark, grainy footage and shaky camerawork.


Since these moments are so rare, it’s important for parents to secure them in the best quality possible. At Make It Last Events, we excel at recording educational milestones. Our talented team and 4K cameras make sure to record every little detail of your child’s special day, whether it’s their high-school graduation, junior prom, or a college sporting victory.


When it comes down to it using smartphones just aren’t enough — experience the difference professional cinematography makes. Be sure to click the icon below to request your free quote now.

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