Established in 2014 as Make It Last Photo Booth, a professional photo booth service catering to both private and corporate events, we quickly expanded our operations to include Make It Last Events, delivering  photography, and videography to businesses and residents across Southern California.


Taking another giant leap forward, Make It Last is combining its operations into a single enterprise: Make It Last Events.


Same amazing company. Same amazing services. New look and branding.


Though our name has changed Make It Last stays true to its core values: quality, affordability, and above all, customer satisfaction.


We continue to provide comprehensive entertainment options for all occasions and venues, including: weddings, anniversaries and corporate functions. Make It Last Events also administers to religious and cultural milestones such as Bar Mitzvahs and Cinco de Mayo.

    Our History

    Located in sunny California’s Orange County, Make It Last Events has been serving up fun, music and unforgettable memories for years. Though we cater to the areas of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino, we’re constantly looking to broaden our reach.


    Make It Last was inspired by a birthday party thrown for the owner’s 10 year old daughter, and following a lengthy and exhaustive period of research, the entire family invested their own capital into the new venture, taking a bold idea and soon turning it into reality.


    Since our initial launch we’ve experienced rapid and robust growth, adding photography, and videography to our original photo booth offering.


    Make It Last Events is truly family-owned and operated, with various members contributing their time, energy and talent to its development and success.


    With a rich history behind us and a bright future ahead, Make It Last is committed to providing all customers the very best in the entertainment industry.

    Our Mission

    Since 2014, Make it Last Events has been dedicated to serving clients and communities around Southern California. Fired by our passion for amazing customer service, exceptional products and programs, and an unwavering devotion to client satisfaction, we take pride in our work and always try to exceed your expectations.


    Whether we’re attending to a large corporation or a small private function our goal remains the same: to deliver top-notch entertainment at fair prices.


    Backed by years of success, a professional staff, and unmatched organizational skills, Make It Last guarantees an unforgettable and exhilarating experience for you and your guests every time!

    Our Philosophy & Vision

    Our philosophy is client-centric. We believe every customer deserves the best: the best services, the best products, and the best experiences. To ensure your satisfaction and patronage, Make It Last strives for excellence in the industry, continuously improving our services and adding new ones as we aim to grow nationwide and beyond.

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